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A Sneak Peek into Pinterest's 2023 Product Updates!
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A Sneak Peek into Pinterest's 2023 Product Updates!

Social Media | 5 min

Pinterest is improving its Ads Manager to provide a seamless experience for advertisers. New features will be released throughout 2023 to optimize advertising strategies. Pinterest aims to offer powerful tools and insights for better campaign results. Get a sneak peek into the exciting updates coming to Ads Manager this year.



1. Deeper Campaign Insights with New Visualizations and Data Dimensions

Expected in Q3 2023

In 2023, Ads Manager will offer new visualizations and data dimensions for deeper campaign insights. Advertisers can analyze campaign performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. This feature will provide more robust reporting capabilities, empowering advertisers with enhanced campaign management tools.


2. More Flexible Reporting with Bulk Editor Updates

Expected in Q2 2023

Ads Manager's Bulk Editor will be updated for more efficient campaign management. Error messages will be surfaced in the upload UI for quick issue resolution. Faster processing times will be implemented for bulk changes.  These updates will provide advertisers with a seamless experience for managing campaigns at scale.


3. Time-saving Targeting Templates

Expected in Q2 2023

Pinterest's Ads Manager in 2023 will introduce targeting templates for streamlined campaign set-up. Advertisers can save targeting attributes as templates for future campaigns, saving time and reducing errors. This feature offers a convenient way to apply consistent targeting across multiple campaigns.


4. New Filters and Metrics for Enhanced Campaign Management

 Expected in Q2 2023

Pinterest is adding new filter options and metrics in Ads Manager for better campaign management. Advertisers can search by IDs and order lines, improving campaign filtering and locating specific campaigns or ads. New metrics enable more comprehensive reports and deeper insights into campaign performance. Pinterest aims to provide advertisers with increased flexibility and insights for better campaign management.


5. Customizable Reporting View with Reporting Configuration

 Expected in Q3 2023

Ads Manager is bringing customizable reporting views with new filter configurations for tailored reporting. Advertisers can configure their reporting view to focus on relevant metrics. Saved reporting templates can be used in both the dashboard and custom reports for easier access. Pinterest is committed to providing advertisers with a personalized and efficient reporting experience.


6. Save Campaign Progress with Draft Campaigns

Expected in Q3 2023 

Ads Manager will also introduce the ability to save campaign progress as a draft. Advertisers will be able to save their progress on a campaign build and resume it later. This feature will allow advertisers to collaborate with different stakeholders and save progress over multiple sessions, making working on campaigns more convenient and efficient. Pinterest will now provide advertisers with increased flexibility.


7. Enhanced Ad Preview and Collaboration in Ads Manager 2023

Coming soon

The new Ads Manager in 2023 will offer Ad Preview for mobile and desktop web, across all formats, optimizing creative assets for performance. Advertisers can share preview links with colleagues for streamlined collaboration and feedback. Teams can work together to make adjustments before the campaign launch, resulting in more effective advertising strategies.


8. Expanded Bulk Actions in Ads Manager

Expected in H2 2023

Enhanced Bulk Actions in 2023 Ads Manager streamline campaign management for advertisers. Modify targeting and status attributes for multiple campaigns, ad groups, or ads at once. It is a time-saving feature for bulk changes, and optimizing advertising strategies. Efficient and convenient campaign management for better results. 




Pinterest's 2023 Ads Manager will offer new features and updates for advertisers, including

  1. Deeper campaign insights
  2. Flexible reporting
  3. Time-saving targeting templates
  4. Enhanced campaign management tools
  5. Customizable reporting views
  6. Ability to save campaign progress as a draft
  7. Improved ad preview and collaboration
  8. Expanded bulk actions

These updates aim to optimize advertising strategies and provide a seamless experience for advertisers.


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