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A Sneak Peek into Pinterest's 2023 Product Updates!

Pinterest is improving its Ads Manager to provide a seamless experience for advertisers. New features will be released throughout 2023 to optimize advertising strategies. Pinterest aims to offer powerful tools and insights for better campaign results. Get a sneak peek into the exciting updates coming to Ads Manager this year.

Social Media | 5 min | Apr 20, 2023

Take Your TikTok Ads to the Next Level

To look into the future, let us peep into the past once. TikTok earlier was loaded with content focused on dancing and lip-syncing videos inclined more towards an uprising for polished platforms and enabling easy access and non-positionality of content consisting of short videos largely.

TikTok Ads | 10 min | Mar 27, 2023

All About TikTok SEO 2023


We are in the middle of an ongoing search evolution that is gradually happening! TikTok is arguably becoming a search engine, which has been recently acknowledged by Google too

TikTok Social Media | 8 min | Feb 15, 2023

Top eCommerce Predictions and Trends for 2023

The eCommerce industry is constantly evolving, especially with the advancement in tech in recent years and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. In this article, we'll be forecasting some of the most exciting eCommerce trends for 2023. Knowing about these trends will help you can stay ahead of the curve and understand what the future holds for online shopping. From continued growth of mobile eCommerce to the rise of social media eCommerce, these are the trends and technologies that are expected to shape the eCommerce landscape in the coming years. Keep reading to learn more!

E-commerce | 8 minutes | Dec 26, 2022

Why You Should Get Started with TikTok Ads Today?

Amazon and HBO have spent huge money on TikTok advertisements in the U.S. during the months of January and May 2022, says Statista!

And why not? TikTok reached the “1 billion” count on its daily active users in 2022! Hence, advertising on TikTok is just inescapable! 

TikTok Ads are booming because their widely diversified audience has helped brands gain high profits with natural virality.

TikTok TikTok Ads | 12 minutes | Dec 12, 2022

Create Successful Holiday Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Did you know? According to AdMaven, holiday retail sales have reached a whopping $789.4 billion in the year 2021!

It's the holiday season! Everyone right now is on a shopping spree and this is the time, businesses have to be on their toes. If you are not playing with your Facebook and Instagram right now, you are at a big loss in this game of Holiday Ads! 

Let us begin by jumping into some holiday insights for the year 2022. Interestingly, shopkeepers have been receptive to trying out new brands across various niches this time round. 


 Peak Season 2022


Digital Marketing | 12 minutes | Nov 25, 2022

How to Solve Privacy for Marketers & eCommerce?

   The privacy-first approach is now the eligibility for a business to sustain itself in the current cutthroat competition. It is believably impractical to process a transaction without publicizing your personal information!

So, let us look for a solution and learn how to solve privacy for marketers & eCommerce in this blog. 

Privacy Google Analytics 4 | 12 minutes | Nov 15, 2022

Google Analytics 4, Privacy and Black Week

Want to move a step ahead in getting closer to your customers? Get hold of Google Analytics 4, a gem for all businesses.

The e-commerce universe is now prepping up for the year’s extravagant fancy sale i.e., Black Week! This is where your privacy game will come into play while customers would be busy browsing lakhs of websites during this shopping spree.

Let us learn more about Google Analytics 4 and Privacy in this blog to accelerate your revenue safely.

Privacy Google Analytics 4 Black Week | 15 minutes | Oct 3, 2022

Latest Instagram Updates! [July 2022]

We’re thrilled to learn about the new features being rolled out by Instagram and we think they’re going to be a game changer for marketers and creators. These much-awaited updates were finally announced on 21 July by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, on various social media platforms. Keep reading to know all about the updates.

Social Media | 5 minutes | Jul 27, 2022

Instagram Influencer Marketplace: The Next Big IG Update for Brands

87% of its users say influencers have inspired them to make a purchase, and 70% of shopping enthusiasts visit Instagram to discover their next purchase. Brands report Instagram influencer marketing ROI is over 5X: $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing on Instagram. That’s why Instagram has finally decided to launch an Influencer Marketplace and it’s going to be amazing for you - whether you’re a brand or an influencer. Stick with us to know what you can expect from the all-new Influencer Marketplace.

eCommerce | 4 minutes | Jun 29, 2022

TikTok Statistics – June 2022

Spoiler Alert: this will be a text and data-heavy blog post!

TikTok is available in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and has been downloaded over 9 million times in the Nordics alone. If your brand’s target audience includes anyone between the ages of 13 and 60, you should be on TikTok right now.

How to Set Up an Instagram Shop

With Instagram Shop, brands can curate a list of shoppable products that are directly accessible through their Instagram profile.

Optimize Your Stock Levels and Grow Sales Online

The global race for businesses to meet client demand is what propels enterprises all around the world. As more enterprises enter the market, the total supply and demand network grows more complicated and crowded. This calls for businesses to keep a regular check on their stocks to keep their operations running smoothly.

The back-and-forth movement of raw materials entering, processing, and distributing the final product to end-users requires a high level of teamwork, precision, and quality that meets or exceeds consumer expectations. This brings up an essential aspect of supply chain management and stock optimization that businesses must understand well. In this article, we'll talk about how you can grow your sales online by optimizing your stocks the right way, let's get going.


eCommerce | 8 minutes | Jun 13, 2022

Privacy, GDPR and Schrems II for Marketers

In this article, we would like to share with you the key information within privacy for marketers, share sources for further investigation and give you a simple tool that you can use to guide your team on the next steps.

Privacy | 15 minutes | May 24, 2022

Drive Your Growth With Keywordio - Now a Google Premier Partner!

It’s official - Keywordio is now a Google Premier Partner! But what does it mean for your eCommerce business? How does working with an ad agency that sports a Google Premier Partner badge help your business? And wait, what even is Google Partner?

This article will take you through the answers to all the above questions and by the end, we hope to give you a clear picture of how you can scale your business by working with a Google Premier Partner. Sounds good? Alright, let’s jump right in.

Google Premier Partner | 6 minutes | Apr 12, 2022

A Budget-Friendly Approach to Online Ads for eCommerce Businesses

We’re living in an era where everything we know is transforming at an exponential rate. The horizon of eCommerce is stretching, bringing everyone to an equal playing field. This is resulting in a lot of global and local eCommerce brands stepping up with innovative ideas that are shaping the world as we know it. However, this buzz in the market has caused the marketing costs to rise across all major marketing channels making it difficult for businesses with a small budget to lose hope.

But don’t worry, Keywordio commends your efforts and is thrilled to share with you a budget-friendly approach to online ads. This will help you manage your marketing budget and scale your business despite it being a time when the marketing cost is at an all-time high.

Digital Marketing | 5 minutes | Apr 5, 2022

3 Marketing Budget Mistakes You Must Avoid [eCommerce]

We interact with tons of eCommerce businesses to help them with their journey. 8 out of 10 times, brands that struggle to keep their budget in check have made one (or more) of the three mistakes that we’re going to discuss in this article. You will also learn how to avoid these mistakes. We've also included a highly effective approach for your business as a bonus! Ready? Let’s get into it.

eCommerce | 5 minutes | Apr 3, 2022

How to Make Your eCommerce Brand Memorable For Your Customers

One of the biggest difficulties of being a web brand is trying to stand out in the sea of competitors. However, there are some specific things that you can do to make your web brand stand out.

eCommerce | 5 minutes | Mar 17, 2022

TikTok Ads: Key to Your Online Business Growth [Best Practices]

68% of TikTok users looked up a product or brand seen on the platform, and 57% of users said that TikTok inspired them to shop, even when they didn’t plan to shop. This clearly shows the opportunity for brands on TikTok. But where do you start? This article will help you answer that question.

TikTok Ads | 8 minutes | Feb 8, 2022

This 2022 Instagram Feature Will Help You Declutter Your Feed

If you’re active on social media platforms, chances are that you spend some time of your day on one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram. This means you’ve mindlessly scrolled through countless posts that you care little about in your cluttered Instagram feed. This photo-sharing app’s upcoming feature is aimed at decluttering your feed and prioritising the accounts you care about more.


Social Media | 5 minutes | Jan 19, 2022

Why NOT to "Boost" on Facebook

Yes. The infamous "Boost" button.

Facebook Ads | 6 minutes | Dec 3, 2021

TRENDING: Unlock Your Brand's Organic Reach on TikTok

TikTok is the latest rage of our digital generation which has successfully found a steady increase in the number of TikTokers annually. With countless viral videos to hashtags, TikTok remains a trendsetter in the social media world which makes it a great place for an online business to push its brand and reach a tremendously wide audience organically.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it and talk about what TikTok is and how you can utilise it for your online business.


eCommerce TikTok | 5 minutes | Nov 12, 2021

5 Facts That Make India’s eCommerce Market Special For Your Online Business

We all know that India is a densely populated country, 1.39 billion to be precise, known for its monuments, rich culture and oh, so spicy food. But this article isn’t about that kind of special.

Today, we’ll state 5 facts you didn’t know that makes India’s eCommerce market special for your business - unless you’ve already read our case study on Indian eCommerce.

Don't worry if you haven't, by the end of this article you will have a reason to grab it for free! Let’s jump straight in.

eCommerce | 5 minutes | Oct 27, 2021

7 Reasons Why Travel & Accommodation is a Major eCommerce Category in India

India is a land of diversity and every state has something new to offer. From the Himalayas in North India to coastal areas like Goa, Kerala or Lakshwadeep; from deserts like Rajasthan to lush forests like in Madhya Pradesh; from mighty forts like Ranthambore Fort to city life at Delhi; India offers travellers a wide range of experiences and stories worth sharing.

Let’s go over some reasons why Indians love travelling and why Travel Mobility & Accommodation is an eCommerce segment worth exploring if you're planning to jump into India's eCommerce market as an online business in this segment.

India Travel Accommodation eCommerce | 6 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

Why Online Ads Matter: Strategies to Achieve Business Growth

Internet is changing the world. More than half of all business owners are now using online advertising to grow their businesses and with good reason. Online ads have become an integral part of eCommerce revenue strategies, allowing companies to tap into a global market that continues to expand exponentially. It's no wonder then that more than $200 billion was spent on online ads in 2017 alone! But it isn't just about spending money on online ads - you need to do it right if you want your company to grow.

To help you get started, this blog post will discuss some of the best marketing strategies and their best practices to help you achieve success with online ads so that your business can thrive in today's digital economy.

eCommerce | 5 minutes | Oct 6, 2021

5 Great Ways to Boost the Visibility of Your Business Online

Increasing the visibility of your business is a sure-fire way for you to maximise your business’ potential for sales. If consumers do not know that your business exists, there is no way for them to access your business. Here are 5 great ways you can increase the visibility of your business so that customers can find you online.

E-commerce online store | 5 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

6 Highly Effective Steps to a Successful Online Store

We get tons of requests to break down the steps to become a successful online shop so this week, we’ve put together a list of 6 steps for you to implement. Although there’s no set path to success, these steps would ensure that you have solid fundamentals as an online store. These steps are niche-neutral so you don’t have to worry about its relevance. Let’s get straight to it!

Google Ads E-commerce | 6 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

7 Reasons Why Your Online Store Has a High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

It can be confusing when only a fraction of your online store traffic converts into purchases. Been there? You’re not alone. A lot of online stores are plagued with high shopping cart abandonment rates, with an average shopping cart abandonment rate of 69.57% across all eCommerce industries.

But there’s good news! You can significantly reduce your online store’s shopping cart abandonment rate by identifying its root cause and tweaking your website as required. Pretty straightforward, right? You bet. Let’s take a look at the reasons why your customers might be abandoning their shopping carts.


E-commerce online store | 8 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

The 5 Smartest Free Apps Every Marketer Is Using

I think it's safe to say that marketing isn't quite what it used to be!
Back in the day, businesses and marketing professionals had no choice but to promote their products, services, sales and promotions in newspapers, radio, TV, billboards or posters around town.

Freebies | 5 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

5G Technology: The Future of eCommerce

Technology is changing at an exponential rate. What was impossible just years ago has now become commonplace in day-to-day life. 5G technology promises to change how we shop online forever and it’s closer than you think! If not sooner 5G technology will be powering our smartphones before 2023, but what does this mean for retailers? Keep reading to find out.


E-commerce Trends | 7 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

7 Reasons Why Google Ads is Great for Your Webshop

Google Ads can be a great tool for you to grow your webshop. Today, I’ll share with you 7 great reasons why Google Ads can is great for your business.

Keep in mind that Google Ads will get you there if you give it enough time to work. It typically takes time before your campaigns give you great results so try not to focus on the short term results too much.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

5 Paid SEO Tools to Push Your Business to the Next Level

“I've tried a lot of things but my business just doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction.”

Sounds like you?

Don’t worry, you're not alone. We receive all sorts of queries and the above statement is the gist of 90% of them. This statement is highly likely to resonate with a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers reading this. 

Can you change this? Absolutely! Read more to learn how.

SEO | 7 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

7 FREE SEO Tools For Your Business in 2021

If you run an ecommerce business, you must be familiar with the term SEO. If not, you'll find this article incredibly helpful in ways that will open new doors for your business and help you take it to a whole new league. Let's start with getting to know what SEO really is and how it can benefit your business. Then, I'll share with you 7 free SEO tools that you can use to scale your business.

SEO | 5 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

5 Simple Ways to Drive Engagement on Facebook

Wondering what’s the big secret to getting more engagement on Facebook? It can be tricky to figure out the intricacies of the “algorithm” and everything that goes into promoting your business on the world’s most popular social media platform. But it is very easy to get out of that tricky spot and learn how Facebook actually works. I’m going to list 5 tried and tested ways to get the engagement on your Facebook posts going. Let’s get straight to it.


Facebook Ads Facebook | 5 minutes | Jun 13, 2021

Facebook Ads: Know Your Margin [Quick Read]

Facebook is a great platform to push your products in the eCommerce market and find the right customers for your business. People believe that Facebook Ads can make them “rich.” Though that could be true, most people who succeed in their online ad campaigns have worked on understanding the basics of Facebook Ads first.

Facebook Ads | 5 minutes | May 23, 2021

Facebook Ads: Ideal Sales Funnel [Breakdown]

If you’ve been trying to find a way to scale your business through Facebook Ads, you’ve arrived at the right place. Today, we’re going to break down one of the most important tools of marketing for you - Sales Funnel.

Facebook Ads | 8 minutes | May 3, 2021

Top 5 Google Ads Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Business [Guide]

Managing a business is not easy, it can consume most of your time. Perhaps that's the reason why not many who own a business are able to invest their time in learning Google Ads. A lack of understanding of the basics results in making mistakes with ad campaigns that harm their businesses.

To combat this, I've compiled the top 5 Google Ads mistakes that I've seen businesses make time and time again. Let's jump right in!

Google Ads | 9 minutes | Apr 18, 2021

7 eCommerce Trends to Grow Your Business in 2021

eCommerce is growing at a lightning pace and has become an important part of people’s daily lives with 22% of the world shopping online. In spite of the pandemic, we’ve seen a sharp rise in online businesses in 2020 which continues to grow with the increase in internet penetration and accessibility. Retail eCommerce is expected to reach $5 trillion by the end of 2021 and clearly, the future of eCommerce is bright.

In this era of eCommerce, it’s best to know what the latest trends are, especially if you have an online business. Here are 7 eCommerce trends that you can incorporate into your business and start growing your webshop.

E-commerce | 6 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

6 Simple Google Ads Tips to Make More Money

Google Ads, formerly know as Google AdWords is a powerful tool for businesses looking to make more money. Google Ads can help you tap into specific markets, increase your sales conversion rates, and create leads. It's important to know how Google Ads work in order to get the most out of them for your business.

The 6 tips below will show you how you can use Google ads to increase your conversion rate and scale your business!

Google Ads | 5 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

How to Become a Google Ads Guru With Google Skillshop

Not seeing your products or services on top of Google search results could quickly become frustrating, needless to say, bad for business. But don’t fret, there are ways you can fix this and boost your business. A relatively quicker fix is learning the basics of Google Ads to understand how it works. Sounds like a daunting task? Well, not if you learn from well-thought courses laid out by Google itself via Google Skillshop —for free!

Let’s quickly get you acquainted with Google Skillshop so that you can level up your skills and get your business in the front row.

Google Skillshop | 5 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

Shopping Success Story: Finnish retailer Stockmann & S360

S360 is a digital marketing agency located in Denmark and in this article Hermanni Nurila goes into detail as to how they've leveraged their digital marketing skills to grow an 150 year old retail company like Stockmann.

Google Ads | 4 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Identifying eCommerce Trends & Account Practices for Peak Season

The Google Holiday 2020 Calendar brings a great webinar hosted by Julie Vandingen which offers many great insights into the consumer market in Northern Europe.

Google Ads | 6 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

Comparative Analysis of 2019 vs. 2020 Sales Trends - Impact on Your eCommerce Store

During an economic turn-point, dynamics in Google Ads have taken a turn for the unknown. And amid these changes, it’s critical for consumer brands to continue to advertise;  as marketers and the agencies they work with can continue to drive profitable growth with effective segmentation.

eCommerce | 12 minutes | May 22, 2020

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

All people who've come and gone have seen some sort of germ infestation take over their generation. So whether it's the bubonic plague or cholera; Corona is making the rounds this time.

And while we don't have control of what is happening externally, we do have control of how we can manage things internally. 

Here's a guide on how to keep your immunity up this season!

Build your immunity!


Drink a lot of lemon and water as Vitamin C is extremely effective in fighting off germs. And viruses cannot survive in an environment high in Vitamin C. 

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Rinse the skins nicely and enjoy nutritious meals. As a good rule of thumb, the more colourful the fruit or veggies, the more are the nutrients.

Lemon, honey, ginger and a pinch of turmeric in it, make an excellent immunity boosting beverage. Drink up!



Soak up the Sun!☀️


The World Health Organisation suggests 5-15 minutes of casual sun exposure a few times a week. And this is more than sufficient to keep Vitamin D levels topped up!

This one small action plays a crucial role in immunity and can help protect against a list of ailments like asthma, depression, heart disease and cancer.

Be like these puppers and get your daily dose of natural booster!🐶

Take steps to protect yourself

Digital Agency | 7 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

YouTube and Google Ads – key learnings for 2020

A new report from Cisco says that online video will be responsible for 80% of all internet traffic. YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site online with over one billion highly engaged users and over one billion display hours every day.

Your customers are definitely there – but succeeding with digital marketing on YouTube will take a lot of work. You need to create high-quality content and invest in testing and targeting to be successful. But it will be worth the effort.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

Top 3 ways to increase ROI in Google Ads

Running an e-commerce business today isn’t what it used to be. The general trend for Swedish retailers is that the profit margin on average is as low as three percent. The fast-growing e-commerce segment makes it even harder to keep the margins up. That’s why it’s becoming really important to focus on ROI by improving the digital marketing strategy of e-businesses. Here we present you with three top strategies you can use.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

The major difference between the most common e-commerce platforms

It’s safe to say that you need a website that will be able to face today’s increasingly growing competition in retail. While qualities such as design and content on an e-commerce platform are of great significance, here’s what ensures your business stands out - 

E-commerce | 7 minutes | May 29, 2019

Reporting vs Business Intelligence in Google Ads

Both reporting and business intelligence are valuable methods for any e-commerce that wants to achieve great results in Google Ads. Read on to find out their main differences, and how you can use them in your business.

Google Ads | 8 min | May 29, 2019

How to select the best price model for your digital agency in 2020

Almost all digital agencies are using one out of three price models, but which one is best suited for your business? In this post, we revise the most common options and help you decide which way to go - or not.

Digital Agency | 12 minutes | May 29, 2019

High-level guide to marketing for eCommerce

Running ecommerce companies takes a lot of effort! You need to source and develop products and work a lot with digital marketing. You need to be able to handle logistics and warehouses, and in addition to that, seriously consider what type of technology is best suited for different parts of your business. Here we’re offering some valuable tips on how to get your marketing operation as smooth as possible.

eCommerce | 9 minutes | May 29, 2019

Criteo or Google Ads? How to use remarketing smart

Google Ads and Criteo are the most common tools to use for re-marketing. Re-marketing is when you create personalized ads for people that have previously visited the advertiser’s website. Both are advanced re-marketing tools, suitable for companies of all sizes. So how will you decide on which one to invest your time in?  

Google Ads | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

3 offers that will create more ROI for your e-commerce

Special offers is majorly effective in terms of creating more ROI for an e-commerce or retail company. You have a sea of opportunities here, so in this post, we’ll try to guide you which way to go and show you what offers can be most effective for your business.

The holy grail of online advertising- Always make sure your offers are visible in Google Ads and Google Shopping.

E-commerce | 10 minutes | May 29, 2019

3 most important audience lists in Google Ads

Creating effective audience lists in Google Ads is an easy way to keep track of your re-marketing lists. In this post, we present you with our top three choices for audience lists that can prove valuable when working with your re-marketing campaigns.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

How to use remarketing in Google Ads

Re-marketing means getting in touch with people who have previously  visited your website or mobile app. It’s a powerful form of online advertising which allows you to present ads to people that are familiar with your company, whilst they’re browsing the web. This is a smart and strategic way of inviting customers to come back to your website and cuts costs, boost conversions and strengthen your brand.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

Lower prices with higher CPC, what’s the link between them?

Cost per click is an important metric in Google Ads.

E-commerce | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

Pricing strategies for eCommerce and retail companies

Working in retail today is challenging, and it’s never been harder to understand what the consumers are looking for. According to a study conducted by the NRF (National Retail Federation) almost 90% of the customers in the US are spending their money on discount retailers such as outlets and dollar stores. The most successful retailers today are the ones that use advanced statistical data combined with their intuition, to price their products.

As a performance marketer, you’re probably not in charge of pricing, but you have insights and access to data that is key in picking the right strategy for your company.

eCommerce | 10 minutes | May 29, 2019

4 pricing strategies every eCommerce business need to work with

No matter what line of business you’re in, competition is continuously growing more intense. Something that can prove to be quite troublesome for e-commerce is the pricing of your products. If the price is too high there’s a possibility your customers leave, and if the price is too low your profits margins can be brought down. It’s therefore important to consider different pricing tactics, how to handle your competition and continuously work to increase profit margins. To understand if pricing or management of your Google Ads channel will have the highest impact on your growth download our free benchmark study of +500 million Ads.

E-commerce | 18 minutes | May 29, 2019

6 Google Shopping tips for your eCommerce

Since 60% of all clicks for US eCommerce are derived from Google Shopping, you can understand why investing a little - or a lot - of your time in this service is a good idea. Here are some valuable tips to stay on top of your Google Shopping game!

Digital Agency | 7 minutes | May 29, 2019

Optimize sales in Google Ads with your most valuable product

How do you know which product is your most valuable? And how do you optimize sales on that specific item? Here’s what you need to know to make sure your marketing budget is spent the right way on Google Ads.

Digital Agency | 7 minutes | May 28, 2019

You need a customized Google Ads solution for your unique market

Your market and every customer in it is unique with their own set of demands and needs. The goal is to identify their individualities and try to adjust to the customer's specific needs. And if you do it the right way – it will be very profitable for your business.

Digital Agency | 6 minutes | May 28, 2019

How to calculate ROAS targets in Google Ads with this free tool

How to calculate ROAS targets based my product margins? That is a question many marketers ask themselves. Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) is a marketing KPI many marketers use to track performance in Google Ads.  It’s calculated in Google Ads as ROAS = conversion value / cost. In short, you can evaluate if your investment in online advertising is successful or not. With ROAS Target, you can take it to the next level by automatically adjust your bids depending on product margins if you do it right.  

Digital Agency | 9 minutes | May 28, 2019

How to optimize the lifetime value of Google Ads

Tools and technologies used by a digital agency today are more advanced than ever. But not everything is about boosting ROI, you also have to be very aware of who your customers are and spend time on making sure that you know what LTV model you should use for your business. For many e-commerce companies, LTV is the most important metric out there.


Digital Agency | 7 minutes | May 28, 2019

How to increase Google Ads ROI with customer reviews from Trustpilot

In today’s competitive world, Google ads can be a great way for businesses to stand out from other search results. But running ads is getting more and more expensive, and many ecommerce companies aren’t optimising their search strategies as much as they could in order to increase their ads’ ROI.

Google Ads | 5 minutes | Mar 29, 2019

Glossary Cheat Sheet for marketers – SEM, CPC & ROAS

SEM, CPC, ROAS, DSA, QS – the abbreviations in digital marketing are many and sometimes completely incomprehensible. From A-Z – this is the e-marketers glossary cheat sheet for some of the most common terms and words in search engine marketing!

Digital Agency | 4 minutes | Feb 22, 2019

eCommerce Trends for Digital Marketing in 2020

The eCommerce business is accelerating and to make use of new customer shopping behaviours and meet their increasing demands, marketers must look into several things. While mobile browsing is more extensive than ever, our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Here’s what to expect working with digital marketing and eCommerce in 2020!

Digital Agency | 18 minutes | Feb 22, 2019

Why you should keep a close eye on your negative search terms

Negative search terms, or negative keywords, are an important part of a well targeted campaign. By using them, you’ll avoid having your ads show up when the wrong users are looking for the wrong things – and ultimately save a lot of money on your search campaign.

Google Ads | 6 minutes | Feb 22, 2019

Google Shopping structure – How does it work?

The first thing you should know about Google Shopping is that it’s primarily great for attracting new customers. Returning users will find you in completely different ways – through newsletters, brand searches on Google, or your direct website or webshop.

The possibilities with Google Shopping ads are multiple, and requires wise targeting, multiple campaigns as well as an updated product feed in Google Merchant Center. This is how Google Shopping works!

Google Ads | 5 minutes | Feb 21, 2019

Free Returns and Why It's a Must in Your 2020 eCommerce

Fast shipping and a 30 day open return policy are not enough for today’s shoppers – and haven’t been for many years. Free shipping, free returns and even same-day refunds are probably the first things every retailer must have in clear order to be able to keep a competitive edge in 2020.

This is how to tackle those challenges!

eCommerce | 5 minutes | Feb 21, 2019

Why AI is not enough to solve your digital marketing challenges

Everybody wants to use AI in their digital marketing, but very few understand it well. That’s every marketer’s predicament. AI is all about tackling the previously unsolvable problems in digital marketing with smart technology – and without losing the human aspect of it. But how are we ever going to start benefiting from AI and machine learning, if we don’t know how to make the best use of it?

Digital Agency | 5 minutes | Feb 21, 2019

8 free digital marketing tools every SEM specialist should know about

Tracking tags, monitoring campaigns and keeping an eye on your competitors is a constant challenge for an SEM marketer. With the right digital marketing tools, however, your job will be a lot easier! Here’s 8 of our favourite free tools for optimizing your search engine marketing!

Digital Agency | 5 minutes | Feb 21, 2019

Boost your E-Commerce Sale up to 60% by using Google Shopping Ads

If you have searched on Google for specific products you are likely to see shopping ads like these - 

E-commerce | 5 minutes | Feb 8, 2019

Benefits of Digital Marketing For An eCommerce Business

While having an E-commerce store 10 years ago gave you a competitive edge compared to the stores/outlets selling similar products, today's customer's buying pattern has changed a lot. Today having an E-commerce store is not sufficient to gain the audience and target the customers just as easy as we thought.

Google Ads | 10 minutes | Feb 4, 2019

Why does Siri not understand me? AI and language comprehension

One of the challenges that researchers face in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being able to understand human language and simulate it through technology.

Digital Agency | 17 minutes | Feb 4, 2019

4 New Google ads Search Ad Position Metrics

Google Has Introduced 4 New Search Ad Position Metrics To Get The Most Out Of Average Position.

Google Ads | 12 minutes | Feb 4, 2019

Does Google Ads cannibalise on organic traffic ? A study with Google Analytics data for ecommerce

A primary query that most clients pose is – “How much traffic will Google Ads thieve away from organic channels in general.”
This happens to be a major concern for most business owners. Why pay for
something you can get done for free?!
We aimed to figure out that very same puzzle. (You’re welcome!)

Is Google Ads, the Robin Hood to other organic channels or does it take away from them and keep to itself?
That is the question!
To complete a successful attempt at understanding this enigma, several ecommerce accounts were put through Google’s Analytics grinder.
We will be expanding on the results in this document.

Bear in mind though, we are talking about accounts that have had more than one touchpoint.
So, if a client were to hypothetically, to punch in the URL to your portal and purchase some of your ‘merch’, (nice bubble) you aren’t going to find them in the reports we’re touching upon in this article.

The most common path taken by clients who utilize Google Analytics is that of paid search x2.
In layman speak, if John/Jane Doe were to click on a paid ad twice before making a purchase, it would account for 2.5% of the total sales, during that respective period.

The second most common path to conversion is that of a client approaching your business directly.
As in, if Mr. or Ms. Doe stumbled upon your website by way of a google shopping ad, and upon learning of your company’s existence, were to come back to said portal and make a purchase – this would result in a ‘direct sale.’
Although paid search x2 amounts to more conversions, paid search (direct) accounts for higher revenues.
By how much you ask?

3.4% of the total sales.
And, through Google Analytics, this is flagged as a direct conversion, irrespective of the fact that the client first found your business through a paid source.

Google Ads | 8 minutes | Jan 16, 2019

Take great care of your customers or face extinction

The absolute best companies online are the ones that take excellent care of their customers!

Digital Agency | 6 minutes | Jan 16, 2019

How to boost sales during sale season as an e-commerce and how to evaluate those results

Sales season is a nightmare or a goldmine depending on who you talk with. One can indisputably if well prepared make good sales out of seasonal campaigns. So how do you best prepare as an e-commerce?

E-commerce | 12 minutes | Dec 31, 2018

What you should ask and prepare when launching a new agency collaboration

At Keywordio we hear many clients say that they usually don't know what to prepare for a launch meeting with an agency. What should they tell the agency and what should they ask?

Digital Agency | 8 minutes | Dec 21, 2018

Google Skillshop & top 8 free online courses to grow with Ads and CRO!

Google Skillshop has many great courses but where should you start? Here are our top 8 courses for free online learning within Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Youtube, Conversion rate optimization CRO and A/B testing. 

At Keywordio we work really hard to learn fast and share our insights so you can grow your webshop. 

For myself, I have set a morning routine to start every day reading one article, and on Fridays I have blocked 2 hours in my schedule for deep learning.

Hope you find something interesting in the free online course below. If your favourite free marketing course is missing drop me a link ( jonas@keywordio.com ). 


1. How Ecommerce should set Google Ads targets


Link to the course: How Ecommerce should set targets in Google Ads and Google Shopping


HubSpot Video

Learn what many CMO and Ecommerce manager miss in their current Google Ads and Google shopping strategy

This online course will give you a simple tool and dashboard that you can use to set the correct targets for your Google Ads and Google Shopping strategy.  Either if you are using an external agency or manage Google Ads yourself. Setting the right targets is key for your success.

In this online-course you will learn how to use a simple tool in Google sheet to calculate the optimal target for your business. Learn how to follow up and track your progress in Google Ads or Google Shopping.

Get the free tools used and shared in the online course

- Google Sheet template for ecommerce economics, The ultimate tool for setting your ROAS Target in Google Ads

- Data studio, Dashboard for you to instant access and following your progress towards your targets.

- Video guided tour so you can step by step follow how to analyse the performance in Google Ads and Google Shopping.


Google Skillshop (former Google Academy for Ads), Googles own platform for online courses and free learning


 - Competence level: Full range from beginner to advanced level of experience.
 - Time: Full range from bite sized segments upto long courses with certification tests.
 - Format: Online - Combination of written, video and engaging quizzes.

Google Skillshop (former Academy for Ads)

Top course that we recommend for Google ads and Google Shopping on Skillshop:


2. Google Ads Search Certification, learn the basics for search and Shopping


Link to the course: Google Ads Search Certification, learn the basics for search and Shopping


Google Ads Search Certification covers basic and intermediate concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network.

Time: 9h Competence level: Beginner

3. Google Ads Fundamentals , get the best practice right


Link to the course: Google Ads Fundamentals , get the best practice right

Google Ads Fundamentals covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and Google Ads, and best practices for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

Time: 3.7h Competence Level: Beginner

4. Google Shopping Certification, from feed to remarketing with Shopping


Link to the course:Google Shopping Certification, from feed to remarketing with Shopping


Google Shopping Certification covers basic and intermediate concepts, including creating a Merchant Center account and product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

Time: 7.3h Competence Level: Beginner

After you have taken these four courses you have a great foundation and basic understanding. If you would like to dig deeper into more advanced features read this blog post about 3 most important audience lists in Google Ads or How to use re-marketing in Google Ads

Optimize performance

Optimization means using performance data to find what gets results and doing more of it.

5. Primer, learn quick and fast in your own pace


Take me to the course


Primer App, Google own app for bite size learnings
- Competence level: Beginner to mid level of experience
- Time: Short
- Format: App based course for iOS and Android

Find Valuable Insights in Peoples Online searches

Understand and read more the just what people search for. Understanding intent and use that will make a big impact and generate new ideas for your online marketing.

- Competence Level: Beginner
- Time Short

Cloud for Marketing, Google cloud

6. End2end DEMO on Youtube for using Big Query,


Take me to the course


In this session, you'll learn how to use Google Cloud technology to: 1) test a hypothesis for how to drive profitability for your business; 2) identify an actionable plan firmly rooted in data and Machine Learning driven insights; and 3) execute on it in the form of a personalized marketing campaign.

Time: 72 min Competence level: Advanced

Scaling Interactive and Insightful Dashboards with Data Studio and BigQuery


7. Google Data Studio and visualization of Big Query for Ecommerce


Take me to the course

Large datasets in BigQuery might make it cost prohibitive to scale dashboard solutions. Unless carefully designed, solutions can lead to queries piling up with repeated viewing and result in significant costs in BigQuery. Google Data Studio lets users build interactive shareable data visualizations using their BigQuery data. In this session, we will show the common failure points and how you can build scalable, interactive, insightful dashboards in Data Studio from BigQuery data.

Time: 35 min Competence level: Advanced


8. The CRO Course: Win on Mobile, Learn how to A/B test and increase your conversion rate


Take me to the full CRO course


Most companies get more visitors from mobile than desktop, but many mobile sites are still not optimized to perfection. The result is suffering conversion rates and missed revenue.

It's time to fix this!

Learn how to build your own framework for how to continuously experiment and improve your customers experience in your webshop. Getting the right traffic to come in from Google without a giving them an amazing mobile experience is a big waste of money.

In this course you learn why and what to test. How you easy can run qualitative studies to learn more about your users. How quantitative studies help you take data driven decisions. 


Below you can go straight into a separate if you dont have time to take the full course


Why mobile is important

1. Importance of mobile 

What all stakeholders must know

2. Mobile Speed 

The basics around the hot topic

3. Modern Web Technology 

For CTOs and developers

4. The Mobile Experience 

Intro to conversion rate optimization



5. Qualitative research  

The most missed opportunity

6. Quantitative research 

For analytics teams and creatives

7. Value proposition 

How to design for behavior types

8. Clarity 

Shift from aesthetics to findability

9. Urgency and distraction 

Design that increases motivation

10. Reduce anxiety 

The three anxiety peaks in ecommerce

11. Prioritizing tests 

Be data driven in where to start testing

12. A/B tests 

What you need to know before testing

13. Tests in Google Optimize 

Time to set up tests!

14. Fix speed 

For the developers




Google Ads | 8 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

Biggest challenges for eCommerce companies selling their goods online with profit.

When discussing with many companies what they face as a biggest challenge when trying to grow their revenues it is often said that the challenge is not innovation - it is the ability to commercialize and communicate it to the audience.

Let's have a look at the major obstacles.

eCommerce | 15 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

How AI solutions are changing the landscape of marketing for e-commerce companies

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. It surrounds us in almost every concievable way from trip bookings to smart homes. This article will feature just why AI is so great for e-commerce companies.

Let's have a look at how AI has improved the performance and understanding of the consumer behaviour after the adoption of smart AI solutions and platforms.

E-commerce | 6 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

Should you adopt seasonal bidding strategy to increase profit and revenue for e-commerce?

This article discloses strategic points to consider when adopting a bidding strategy for e-commerce. This article is written for the strategic and the specialist within a e-commerce function of an enterprise.

1. Shifts In Return on investment due to Seasonality
Seasonal shifts can affect the paid search or conversion rate due to affected bidding landscape. For an e-commerce company this can result in missed opportunities. If not monitoring and understanding these shifts one can mistakenly make strategies that do not account the seasonality thus not receiving the desired effect of marketing efforts.

E-commerce | 9 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

What is Attribution modelling and why is it important for your e-commerce?

In this article we will look at the basics of attribution modelling and why it can play a crucial role for your e-commerce. We will discuss what, why and how to deal with attribution.

What is Attribution Modelling?
Attribution modelling is a system which can help you get the most from your marketing mix. Today many shoppers are used to searching for information and best prices so they will not necessarily purchase the first offer they see online. However, each time they return to your page they might do so through a different channel. Attribution modelling means that you look at these different channels and encounters or interactions and give them a value so let's have a look at the different types of interactions that can take place:

Google Ads | 13 minutes | Dec 11, 2018

How to grow your revenue in e-commerce by considering Customer Lifetime Value

What to look at in order to increase revenue from your paid marketing efforts in e-commerce. How to make sure you are not cutting away profitable customers.

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (as often abbreviated CLV or LTV) can be tricky but nevertheless one of the most important metrics in business and especially e-commerce whenever trying to understand where the profitability in customer acquisition lies.

E-commerce | 7 minutes | Dec 11, 2018

How to choose the best SEM/Google Ads advertising agency for your E-commerce

How do you choose the right paid advertising agency in the sea of abundance? Key points to look at whether you are an advertising specialist or CMO. Choose right - and profit!

Paid search management is a great component of your marketing because it drives new customers to your business without them knowing about the goods and services you offer pre-hand.

E-commerce | 12 minutes | Dec 11, 2018