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Criteo or Google Ads? How to use remarketing smart
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Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson

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Criteo or Google Ads? How to use remarketing smart

Google Ads | 5 minutes

Google Ads and Criteo are the most common tools to use for re-marketing. Re-marketing is when you create personalized ads for people that have previously visited the advertiser’s website. Both are advanced re-marketing tools, suitable for companies of all sizes. So how will you decide on which one to invest your time in?  

The process of remarketing

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Both Criteo and Google Ads work with e-commerce companies to help them personalize their online display advertisements to consumers who have visited the company’s website before. In short, the art of re-marketing. This service allows companies to follow up visitors who have left a website without completing a purchase, and this is done by personalized banners with the sole purpose of driving the customers back to the website. Some of the many upsides to re-marketing are that you can get improved ROI, as well as reduced cost per impression and better conversion rates.

Learn how to master remarketing in Google Ads: How to use remarketing in Google Ads.

Some differences between Criteo and Google Ads

GA vs Criteo (1)

Google Ads



  • Pricing: Free setup. No minimum spend required. Charges on CPM, CPC, or CPA
  • Services: Standard, Dynamic, Mobile Apps, Search Ads, Video, and email list remarketing
  • Network: Google Display Network, YouTube, Mobile Apps

Google Ads are leading in countries like the United States and Russia. There are various options available for how and where you can advertise. The tools provided are trustworthy and the data is vast. Another positive aspect of working with Google is that you always have access to a 24/7 support service. Google Ads has a flexible pricing plan where their clients set their own budgets and only pay when customers click on their ads.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming working in Google Ads, with many connected accounts and a lot of different tools and data that can be quite time-consuming. With this benchmark study of +500 million Google Ads Impressions you can check if your accounts are up to standard.




  • Pricing: Charges on CPC
  • Services: Dynamic, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Mobile App Re-targeting
  • Network: Google, Facebook, Instagram, individual publishers, etc

Criteo is the leading tool in around 130 countries. It provides wide coverage and allows you to promote multiple titles simultaneously. You can reach out to your customers on various devices with their cross-device advertising solution that covers desktop, mobile sites, and social media. Criteo uses quote-based SMB and enterprise pricing to their clients.

Criteo is an excellent medium as well, except that some formats aren’t optimized for companies with large budgets, so it’s not very suitable for small businesses.

Leading areas for Criteo vs Google Ads

criteo-or-g-ads-03 (1)

criteo-or-google ads top trending segment

Which option is the best for my business?


Both Google Ads and Criteo are powerful tools, developed to increase ROI, and it’s possible to incorporate both services if you like. Another option could be using Google Ads for search and video campaigns, and Criteo for dynamic re-marketing.

But which of these two solutions will have the greatest impact on ROI? In Criteo you will receive a great number of leads and it is consistently performing. With Google Ads, you will increase your online presence substantially while getting a close understanding of your customers.

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