How to increase Google Ads ROI with customer reviews

In today’s competitive world, Google ads can be a great way for businesses to stand out from other search results. But running ads is getting more and more expensive, and many eCommerce companies aren’t optimising their search strategies as much as they could in order to increase their ads’ ROI.

Google Ads | 17 Min

Does Google Ads cannibalise on organic traffic - A study with Google Analytics data for E-commerce stores

One question I usually get from our clients is “how much traffic does Google Ads take from the organic channel?” This is a concern I can understand that business owners are having, why pay for clicks that you can get in for free? I wanted to find out one time for all, does Google Ads help other channels get revenue or does it “steal” it?

Google Ads | 8 Min

4 New Google ads Search Ad Position Metrics

Google Has Introduced 4 New Search Ad Position Metrics To Get The Most Out Of Average Position.

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Top 5 free online course for Google ads and Ecommerce with new Google Skillshop

Here is our top 5 sources for continuous learning within Digital Marketing and Google ads. Youtube, Blog, Online, Apps or pod.

At Keywordio we work really hard to learn fast and share our insights. Digital marketing and Google ads is a fast pace environment and you can always learn something new that’s why we combine webinars, events and written content to share insights the way that suits your taste. For myself, I have set the morning routine to start every day reading one article and on Fridays I have blocked 2h in my schedule for deep learning. This is one of my favorite moments in the week where I can deep dive into a subject, run an interesting tutorial and reflect on how to apply that it in our current projects.

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