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Identifying eCommerce Trends & Account Practices for Peak Season
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Jasmin Uttamchandani

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Identifying eCommerce Trends & Account Practices for Peak Season

Google Ads | 6 minutes

The Google Holiday 2020 Calendar brings a great webinar hosted by Julie Vandingen which offers many great insights into the consumer market in Northern Europe.

With the pandemic serving as an accelerant to online purchasing, sellers are bracing themselves for some busy weeks ahead. Many advertisers now tasked with getting ahead of the customer, whose shopping has started earlier than in recent years, are wondering how they’re going to target consumers given their newfound buying behaviours. The 2020 holidays will truly test the retailers' flexibility and adaptability.

Consumers are spending a lot of time with digital content and here are some insights we’ve gathered. A study  that was sent out across the Netherlands and Sweden has shown the following results -

Graphical representation of online purchase of non-essential goods across various age groups.

  • The year-on-year revenue for +55-year-old age bracket has gone up by +21%
  • A 100 % search increase in the word ‘Boredom’ has been documented; as one can imagine.
  • People have been interested in learning how to cook all their favourite meals at home since many restaurants have not been operational. Fun fact - People in Northern Europe are sitting at home eating fried foods! Mcnuggets in particular.
  • 2020 searches were so much more for gaming, apparel and activities which will engage their lighthearted natures to deal with the onslaught of a global pandemic.
  • A 42% search surge in Mother's Day gifts was seen as sales went through the roof for the event.
  • +20% increase in Easter chocolates and decorations.

This proves that holiday searches are as relevant and sacred as ever.

Holidays and Seasonal events matter.

End of the year season calendar 2020

To run a sale like this, we recommend using a digital agency like Keywordio, which will empower you to schedule sales, and sell your products with targeted campaigns; to the right buyers. It will be easier for you to get organized throughout this fast-paced, important season, so it’s well worth the investment. Plus we will take care of the logistics, so you can schedule sales to go live when you’re not near your computer.

Singles Day - 11/11 is also gaining popularity with every passing year.

Graphical representation of awareness for Singles Day.


Awareness and Interaction according to country -

  • 18.5% in the Netherlands
  • 14% in Belgium
  • 20% in Germany

Seasonal trends from Google.


Boost offers early on


The peak in searches rises and the end of the year and by mid-November it reaches its highest peak.

Both video display and search ads can come in at any stage of the funnel to drive success for your campaign. Consider using only your CRM data if you want to drive direct sales.

Get more ideas on how to improve your audience lists with Keywordio’s eCommerce expert Jonas Theodorsson - Book a meeting here.

Buying habits of shoppers.

Identify where your customers are

But also look into - ‘Who is my audience? Where they are at in their lives? Are they in the market for specific products?

  • Focus on the most valuable groups.
  • Target demographics to grow brand awareness
  • Similar audiences will show an upliftment in sales

Identify most valuable groups.

Shoppers on average are aware of 10 different retailers but only consider 3 when they have to purchase.

Watch the whole webinar here - https://adsonair.withgoogle.com/events/holiday-excellence-week/watch?talk=holiday-introduction

Try Dynamic Re-Marketing


Dynamic remarketing also converts really well. Is a great add-on to search or shopping campaigns. Go all out in your promotions in Q4!

What should you do?

-Build Targeted Audience Lists

-Optimize Ads with Ad Extensions

-Use Ad Scheduling in your Marketing Channels

Dynamic remarketing.

Mobile is no longer only for the cutting-edge marketer. It’s now easier than ever to build mobile-compatible web pages, and if you’re selling via marketplace channels such as Amazon or eBay, you’re already there. Over 50% of online shoppers made at least one mobile purchase last season, and this trend is on the rise, giving a clear advantage to retailers who are a step ahead.

Sell directly on social media platforms.

Social media accounts for more than 30% of the time that consumers spend online.4  Facebook shops and Instagram shops now let you list and sell products directly in user feeds, allowing consumers to make purchases without having to visit the website. Plus, customers often share the products they browsed or bought—a marketing win for any brand selling online! Read more about effective online marketing here.

Instead of listing your products on every social platform and hoping for the best, get strategic. Determine where your most engaged audience is and focus your attention in creating a shopping experience that pairs perfectly with the platform. For example, if customer service is a big part of your business, consider a Facebook Shop, where you can integrate Messenger for top-notch customer support.

Allocate the right budgets to the right campaigns and the right bids to the right searches. Also, adjust the budget to make up for lost opportunities

Maximise sales in critical moments.

Want to know how Keywordio grows webshops by 20X during Black Friday?  

Our Google Ads expert Oscar Sjöstrand says, "Running Google Ads successfully is all about strategy, and when revenue comes in, all the meticulous planning pays off."

Expert Suggestion - Get your pricing right!

People are willing to pay for quality. While some sites might need to price themselves as low as possible to make sales; if you focus on delivering strong customer experiences you can maintain higher prices and still make sales. Getting this balance of price and performance right is critical to growing your online revenue. Leverage Keywordio’s digital smarts to get it right!

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