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5 Great Ways to Boost the Visibility of Your Business Online

Increasing the visibility of your business is a sure-fire way for you to maximise your business’ potential for sales. If consumers do not know that your business exists, there is no way for them to access your business. Here are 5 great ways you can increase the visibility of your business so that customers can find you online.

E-commerce online store | 5 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

6 Highly Effective Steps to a Successful Online Store

We get tons of requests to break down the steps to become a successful online shop so this week, we’ve put together a list of 6 steps for you to implement. Although there’s no set path to success, these steps would ensure that you have solid fundamentals as an online store. These steps are niche-neutral so you don’t have to worry about its relevance. Let’s get straight to it!

Google Ads E-commerce | 6 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

7 Reasons Why Your Online Store Has a High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

It can be confusing when only a fraction of your online store traffic converts into purchases. Been there? You’re not alone. A lot of online stores are plagued with high shopping cart abandonment rates, with an average shopping cart abandonment rate of 69.57% across all eCommerce industries.

But there’s good news! You can significantly reduce your online store’s shopping cart abandonment rate by identifying its root cause and tweaking your website as required. Pretty straightforward, right? You bet. Let’s take a look at the reasons why your customers might be abandoning their shopping carts.


E-commerce online store | 8 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

5G Technology: The Future of eCommerce

Technology is changing at an exponential rate. What was impossible just years ago has now become commonplace in day-to-day life. 5G technology promises to change how we shop online forever and it’s closer than you think! If not sooner 5G technology will be powering our smartphones before 2023, but what does this mean for retailers? Keep reading to find out.


E-commerce Trends | 7 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

7 eCommerce Trends to Grow Your Business in 2021

eCommerce is growing at a lightning pace and has become an important part of people’s daily lives with 22% of the world shopping online. In spite of the pandemic, we’ve seen a sharp rise in online businesses in 2020 which continues to grow with the increase in internet penetration and accessibility. Retail eCommerce is expected to reach $5 trillion by the end of 2021 and clearly, the future of eCommerce is bright.

In this era of eCommerce, it’s best to know what the latest trends are, especially if you have an online business. Here are 7 eCommerce trends that you can incorporate into your business and start growing your webshop.

E-commerce | 6 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

The major difference between the most common e-commerce platforms

It’s safe to say that you need a website that will be able to face today’s increasingly growing competition in retail. While qualities such as design and content on an e-commerce platform are of great significance, here’s what ensures your business stands out - 

E-commerce | 7 minutes | May 29, 2019

3 offers that will create more ROI for your e-commerce

Special offers is majorly effective in terms of creating more ROI for an e-commerce or retail company. You have a sea of opportunities here, so in this post, we’ll try to guide you which way to go and show you what offers can be most effective for your business.

The holy grail of online advertising- Always make sure your offers are visible in Google Ads and Google Shopping.

E-commerce | 10 minutes | May 29, 2019

Lower prices with higher CPC, what’s the link between them?

Cost per click is an important metric in Google Ads.

E-commerce | 5 minutes | May 29, 2019

4 pricing strategies every eCommerce business need to work with

No matter what line of business you’re in, competition is continuously growing more intense. Something that can prove to be quite troublesome for e-commerce is the pricing of your products. If the price is too high there’s a possibility your customers leave, and if the price is too low your profits margins can be brought down. It’s therefore important to consider different pricing tactics, how to handle your competition and continuously work to increase profit margins. To understand if pricing or management of your Google Ads channel will have the highest impact on your growth download our free benchmark study of +500 million Ads.

E-commerce | 18 minutes | May 29, 2019

Boost your E-Commerce Sale up to 60% by using Google Shopping Ads

If you have searched on Google for specific products you are likely to see shopping ads like these - 

E-commerce | 5 minutes | Feb 8, 2019

How to boost sales during sale season as an e-commerce and how to evaluate those results

Sales season is a nightmare or a goldmine depending on who you talk with. One can indisputably if well prepared make good sales out of seasonal campaigns. So how do you best prepare as an e-commerce?

E-commerce | 12 minutes | Dec 31, 2018

How AI solutions are changing the landscape of marketing for e-commerce companies

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. It surrounds us in almost every concievable way from trip bookings to smart homes. This article will feature just why AI is so great for e-commerce companies.

Let's have a look at how AI has improved the performance and understanding of the consumer behaviour after the adoption of smart AI solutions and platforms.

E-commerce | 6 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

Should you adopt seasonal bidding strategy to increase profit and revenue for e-commerce?

This article discloses strategic points to consider when adopting a bidding strategy for e-commerce. This article is written for the strategic and the specialist within a e-commerce function of an enterprise.

1. Shifts In Return on investment due to Seasonality
Seasonal shifts can affect the paid search or conversion rate due to affected bidding landscape. For an e-commerce company this can result in missed opportunities. If not monitoring and understanding these shifts one can mistakenly make strategies that do not account the seasonality thus not receiving the desired effect of marketing efforts.

E-commerce | 9 minutes | Dec 14, 2018

How to grow your revenue in e-commerce by considering Customer Lifetime Value

What to look at in order to increase revenue from your paid marketing efforts in e-commerce. How to make sure you are not cutting away profitable customers.

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (as often abbreviated CLV or LTV) can be tricky but nevertheless one of the most important metrics in business and especially e-commerce whenever trying to understand where the profitability in customer acquisition lies.

E-commerce | 7 minutes | Dec 11, 2018

How to choose the best SEM/Google Ads advertising agency for your E-commerce

How do you choose the right paid advertising agency in the sea of abundance? Key points to look at whether you are an advertising specialist or CMO. Choose right - and profit!

Paid search management is a great component of your marketing because it drives new customers to your business without them knowing about the goods and services you offer pre-hand.

E-commerce | 12 minutes | Dec 11, 2018