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How AI Solutions Are Changing eCommerce Brands
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Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson

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How AI Solutions Are Changing eCommerce Brands

E-commerce | 6 minutes

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. It surrounds us in almost every concievable way from trip bookings to smart homes. This article will feature just why AI is so great for e-commerce companies.

Let's have a look at how AI has improved the performance and understanding of the consumer behaviour after the adoption of smart AI solutions and platforms.

Internet of Things
From connecting your car, home appliances and many other items to your phone and other devices IoT is making our lives inevitably simpler or harder depending on how well you are adaptable to change. Online retailers can benefit greatly from this development. From making purchases simpler through devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to delivering packages in a smarter way. Think about how your business can be integrated into IoT.

E-commerce sites nowadays can offer support to their customer 24/7 by assistance through chatbots. This is a vital function as not only is there a minimum threshold for the consumer to get support it also can create statistics over what issues customers have giving decision makers vital information for further business development.  

No longer is human analysis over countless of sheets in excel with customer data a progressive way of managing customer relationships. AI can today efficiently go through large amount of data and predict behaviour of future clients adapting functions which lead to higher conversion. Humans can now focus on managing the relationship instead of trying to decode the vast amount of big data.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning do not mean that robots are taking over, even though some might have this as a fear. .AI is basically providing e-commerce companies with the opportunity to offer what exactly a customer desires, and that also regardless of any time constraint.

AI in marketing & Google Ads advertisement 

Handling marketing budgets properly often necessitates huge amount of administration, understanding and time. Luckily, in current times small business firms with even modest budgets can efficaciously  deploy AI solutions for marketing purposes carefully monitoring their growth and expenses in a much smarter way.The small-scale firms can give their marketing campaigns to AI-powered platforms or agencies which handle marketing operations across different channels (such as Bing, Google Ads, Facebook), analyzing advertising performance and offering informed suggestions in regards to marketing spend and customer acquisition cost. By utilizing AI marketing solutions effectively, companies can come up with the best marketing strategy and hugely minimize cost per acquisition.


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Making the most of use of all opportunities in bidding strategy through AI and in addition cutting all possible cost through smart AI bidding techniques and solutions inevitable will save you cost in comparison to hiring staff trying to outperform the AI, with staff turnover and efficacy etc. These were some of the advantages of AI in e-commerce. The bearing of AI in businesses of all sizes is quite a bit. In fact, AI is changing the way businesses function in the current day. Follow us to give you the latest intel on the future of e-commerce.

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