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The Full Funnel Approach and Pinterest
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Johan V Lidner

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The Full Funnel Approach and Pinterest

Social Media | 6 minutes

Today, we're going to delve into the significance of working with a full-funnel strategy and understanding why a comprehensive media mix is crucial. We'll also explore an example of how this approach and including Pinterest in the media mix led to a significant decrease in the cost of sales for Houdini.


Diversifying the Media Mix: Spreading the Risk

The world of digital marketing is like a vast ecosystem, with countless channels and platforms vying for attention. To thrive in this environment, it's very important to diversify your media mix. Think of it as spreading your investments in various stocks to mitigate risks – the more diversified your portfolio, the more secure your financial future.

A shining example of this diversification in action comes from our exploration of how one company integrated Pinterest into their strategy. By doing so, they not only broadened their reach but also succeeded in reducing costs. But before we dive deeper into Pinterest's role, let's touch upon the fascinating connection between branding and net sales.

Branding and Net Sales: A Compelling Correlation

Studies have long emphasized the link between branding efforts and net sales, and one striking example comes from the retail giant Walmart. Research shows a clear correlation between brand searches and net sales, underscoring the importance of a robust branding strategy in today's competitive landscape.
Now, let's introduce Pinterest as a powerful advertising platform, and how it fits into this broader picture.

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Pinterest: A Goldmine for Diverse Audiences and Targeting Options

Pinterest, with its 445 million monthly users, is a treasure trove for advertisers seeking to reach a diverse audience. This platform isn't just for recipe enthusiasts or DIY aficionados – it's a hub of inspiration for a wide range of categories, including fashion, home improvement, travel, and more. The majority of searches on Pinterest are non-branded, which opens up unique opportunities for businesses to connect with users actively seeking inspiration.

Beyond its vast user base, Pinterest stands out for its robust performance capabilities. It boasts high conversion rates, and the ability to upload customer lists and create effective retargeting campaigns. In a world where data reigns supreme, Pinterest's analytics capabilities are a game-changer, enabling advertisers to track ROI and understand customer behaviour with precision.

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Case Study: Houdini's Pinterest Success Story

Let's put theory into practice with a real-world example – Houdini, a sportswear company and one of our clients that harnessed the power of Pinterest to boost its revenue. Houdini implemented consideration and conversion campaigns on Pinterest, leveraging dynamic catalogs to showcase their products. The result? A resounding success, with increased sales and engagement. Pinterest enabled Houdini to tap into a vast audience base without exorbitant additional spending, a testament to the platform's potential for businesses looking to maximize their revenue.


Working with a full-funnel strategy and diversifying your media mix is not just a trend – it's a necessity. Pinterest, with its massive and diverse user base, robust performance capabilities, and success stories like Houdini, emerges as a valuable channel for businesses seeking to increase revenue while keeping spending in check. Embrace the power of Pinterest, and unlock new dimensions of growth for your brand in the digital age.

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