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7 Reasons Why Google Ads is Great for Your Webshop
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7 Reasons Why Google Ads is Great for Your Webshop

Google Ads | 5 minutes

Google Ads can be a great tool for you to grow your webshop. Today, I’ll share with you 7 great reasons why Google Ads can is great for your business.

Keep in mind that Google Ads will get you there if you give it enough time to work. It typically takes time before your campaigns give you great results so try not to focus on the short term results too much.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's advertising platform for search engine marketing which allows advertisers to place text ads based on a variety of Google-related services, including Google Search (web & image). It is said to convert 50% better than organic search results and what’s great is that it’s fairly easy to use. All you have to do is upload a campaign ad image, write a short text and Google will take care of placing it wherever it thinks it will give your webshop the best visibility.

Now that we’re on the same page of what Google Ads is, let's get into the nitty-gritty of it.


Google Ads is safe

Google Ads is a very safe platform to use for growing your business. It keeps your data safe and protects it from any kind of misuse. Your personal information is yours and Google works to keep it that way at every step of the process of advertising your products.

Google has clear guidelines and it can be difficult to get banned from Google Ads unless you really do something that goes against Google's Terms of Service. That being said, Google still holds the right to suspend or ban accounts at their own discretion as they see fit so make sure you are following Google's ToS at all times.


Works fast without being expensive

More people than ever before are using Google every day and this means that there is a big audience waiting for you to advertise your service or product on Google. You'll only need about $10 per day in order to get started with Google Ads which is very cheap when you consider the results Google Ads will give you. Even if your budget is just $10 per day, Google Ads can still work. On top of that, Google Ads works fast in terms of the execution of ads. You can also tweak your ad campaigns and see the results within a business day, given that you have followed Google’s guidelines.


You are in full control of your ads

With Google Ads, you decide what happens with your ad and where your ad is shown. You can control your ad through various ad campaign options. You can tweak your ads on the go and even choose when to stop running them.

Google Ads has a default setting where Google will stop showing your ads after you have spent $50 and you can cancel Google Ad campaigns before Google reaches that amount (this is called the 'Max Cost' option). Having such options available give you more control over your ad spend and Google Ad account.

Having such control over your ability to advertise your brand means that you decide the direction you want your brand to go in. With a blend of attention-grabbing creatives and great copy, you can create successful campaigns that put your brand under the spotlight.


Great exposure in Google’s search results

Google ads are displayed on top of page one, multiple times as per Google's algorithm. It is not only great exposure for your business, but it is also a good way to judge the performance of an ad by looking at how often it generates clicks and leads for your business overall. Google Ads helps you manage this through their platform dashboards and allows easy tracking of performance data to determine which strategies need to be changed or kept consistent with each other.

While it’s fairly easy to use Google Ads, it’s also not difficult to make mistakes on this sophisticated platform. Keep an eye out for these 5 common mistakes that could wreck your business.


Google Ads has a flexible budget

Google creates different ways to manage Google Ads spending, which is incredibly helpful for businesses of all sizes looking to scale their campaigns seamlessly and effectively.

With a number of options at your disposal, you can use your Google Ads account according to your budget. You can create a Google ads campaign that uses different budgets based on how much you spend each week or month.


Google Ads is the best in class at search ads

Google works hard with advertisers in order to provide them with new tracking and reporting tools for Google Ads dashboards. Small business owners can easily see useful data such as cost-per-click, number of clicks, CTR, impressions, click-through ratio along with other metrics provided by Google's ad platform through the "Performance tab" which makes it easy to optimize ads. Google Ads also works hard to provide advertisers with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Sheets for advanced tracking making it ideal for small businesses to reach local customers.


Broad audience and millions of users

Keep in mind that Google Ads will get you there if you give it enough time to work. It typically takes time before your campaigns give you great results so try not to focus on the short term results too much.


Google Ads is one of Google's most popular products. Google has at least 2 billion active users per month, making Google an ideal platform for online advertisers to reach a large audience. It holds about 467 million monthly unique visits from people around the world.

Google's products allow businesses to leverage its vast network of users because it has display, video, mobile and social ad platforms that can connect businesses with their desired audiences.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to use Google Ads. If you are not on Google Ads yet, your business is missing out on a massive audience. Sign up with Google Ads now. Feel free to go through our blog for more tips on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, free SEO tools and much more.



Google Ads can be a great, budget-friendly tool for your webshop that you can use to gain exposure to a new audience and getting sales from uncharted regions of the world.

When used correctly, Google Ads can give you a great ROAS and bring you the momentum you need as an eCommerce business. To find your potential audience and scale your business, set up a free call with one of our eCommerce experts who would love to hear about your niche and suggest ways you can grow.



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