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6 Simple Google Ads Tips to Make More Money
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Faraz Haider

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6 Simple Google Ads Tips to Make More Money

Google Ads | 5 minutes

Google Ads, formerly know as Google AdWords is a powerful tool for businesses looking to make more money. Google Ads can help you tap into specific markets, increase your sales conversion rates, and create leads. It's important to know how Google Ads work in order to get the most out of them for your business.

The 6 tips below will show you how you can use Google ads to increase your conversion rate and scale your business!


Make your landing page relevant

Google Ads can lead people directly to a specific product or service they're looking for. But if you don't have the right landing page, your customer will most likely click out of it! Make sure to include keywords in your landing page that match what they are looking for. This way when Google Ads leads them to your ad from a specific search query, they'll be more likely to find what they're searching for and stay on your page. Videos could be way more compelling than text so make sure that you include them in your landing page.


Google Ads


Google Ads can help you tap into specific markets, but if a customer doesn't find your ad first on the search engine, they won't be clicking on it! This is where SEO can help. Search engine optimization, or SEO in short, will help a business find what keywords potential customers are using to look for your product.

If you want people to see your online ads when they search for certain words, use keywords. This is called "keyword targeting." For example, if you are a dog trainer in Pune, make sure to include "Pune Dog Training" or similar keywords that will trigger your ads.


Use Google Analytics

In order to know what's working and what isn't with your Google Ads campaign, it is essential that you set up a website using analytics software before starting your campaign. Google Analytics has free tools for websites that will show you what content your audience is gravitating towards on your website, which keywords are generating the most traffic to your website, and how much it's costing per click.


Create great ad copies

The main point of Google Ads is to create a click. If your ads are not catching the attention of potential customers, they will most likely pass it by without clicking on it. That's why, your ads should clearly display the features of your product or service, not just what you provide. Make your ads concise and easy to read, without a lot of fluff- this will make it easier for Google Ads to show them on the search engine!


Use negative keywords

If you are a business owner, chances are that some of the words on your list of keyword targeting will also include common phrases like "free shipping" or "sale." When this happens, Google Ads may show your ad to searchers who don't want either one! This is where negative keyword lists come in handy. Negative keywords allow you to specify all of the terms and phrases that should not trigger Google Ads ads for certain products or services. For example: if someone searches for shoes with free shipping (a phrase that doesn't apply to any products offered by your company), they won't see an advertisement from you since it's been blacklisted as a negative search term.


Keep your ads updated

Make sure to stay on top of the Google Ads account by regularly monitoring it in order to make changes and updates if necessary. Even just a few weeks of consistency can make a big difference with how many people see your ads online. This might mean creating new landing pages, changing ad copy, or changing keywords. It might also mean creating new ads for other products you offer, or even taking down old ones.



Google Ads can be a powerful tool for any business owner looking to increase their revenue and reach potential customers who would otherwise not see them! But just like anything in life, it's important that Google Ads campaigns are monitored regularly to ensure they continue to be effective. The six tips above can help make more money - keep these key points in mind when starting your next campaign and don't forget the negative keywords list!

If you find yourself struggling with online ads, we're here to help. Our Google Ads experts have many years of experience in this field and we're happy to offer our services.

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