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Shopping Success Story: Finnish retailer Stockmann & S360
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Shopping Success Story: Finnish retailer Stockmann & S360

Google Ads | 4 minutes

S360 is a digital marketing agency located in Denmark and in this article Hermanni Nurila goes into detail as to how they've leveraged their digital marketing skills to grow an 150 year old retail company like Stockmann.

Stockmann is a well-known household brand in Finland; and have been in operation since 1862. It's been around even before Finland gained independence and they have passed down a decades worth of experience in managing a huge department store.


Obviously in the last few years; everything has shifted online; and not one to miss out on the potential sales; they addressed the issues they were facing which are common problems of many retailers.

  • Less footfalls due to the ecommerce boom
  • A lot of manual inputs for marketing
  • A vast range of products with +100k categories
  • Poor search engine marketing performance




Their profit margins and return on investment from search engine marketing was very low; and that was primarily because it was not run properly.  

But when s360 took over; they saw the problem; dealt with the solution and implemented their ideas; and within one quarter they were able to double online revenue from paid search. 

  • Google Shopping Ads came in during 2019 and was and still is the best way to advertise products.
  • Stockmann was using a third party bidding solution; which lead to more complexities; and so s360 took over with their insights.
  • s360 saw that a lot of coverage of their brands and their generic categories were not organized and they were losing out on 60% of representation; so they ensured full coverage on all 1200 brands.
  • Stockmann's previous set-up was based on minimizing the cost of each transaction, rather than focusing on ROAS and profits; and the smart digital agencies know the best way to help retailers grow.

semrush award


  •  5-digit saving in tech fees.
  • Doubled the ROAS and profits.
  • SEM went from 2nd worst to 2nd best marketing channel.
  • Stockmann ecommerce now represents 1/3rd of total sales; according to the published reviews. 
  • They also won the SEMRUSH Nordic Search Awards for their excellence.



  • Prepare early. Make sure that all the feeds and external sites/domains are approved and ready to go. 
  • Use automation and conversion rules. You'll save so much of money this way. 
  • Ensure you have full coverage of all your brands and products. This will bring you excellent results!
  • Work with portfolio budgets and bid strategies if you're managing large product catalogues and set-ups. This helps you plan and maximize the potential.
We hope you found these useful. You can catch the full video here - 


Keywordio loves sharing great ideas and success stories; and the impact created here is just the way we do it. Plan your digital marketing strategy in an intelligent way; and maximize your profits for the year. Get in touch with us if you'd like to see you ecommerce website tip the scales like never before. 

Happy Holidays!


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