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3 most important audience lists in Google Ads
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Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson

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3 most important audience lists in Google Ads

Google Ads | 5 minutes

Creating effective audience lists in Google Ads is an easy way to keep track of your re-marketing lists. In this post, we present you with our top three choices for audience lists that can prove valuable when working with your re-marketing campaigns.


Audience lists are a part of the Audience manager in Google Ads where you handle your re-marketing lists. Here you have an overview of your ads on YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.

Through your re-marketing campaigns, you can choose which audiences see your ads. Once you’ve established an audience source you can choose to target all audiences and adjust bids for different audience types – or target only specific audiences and remove others.

For example, a restaurant could make a ‘lunch visitors’ list and add users that visit their site during lunch hours to a new re-marketing list. The list can be used in a ‘lunch specials’ campaign to target those users and increase traffic to their site for lunch orders. You could basically create a list for whatever you like but there are three main lists necessary to make an impact on your Google Ads sales.

Learn more about re-marketing: How to use re-marketing in Google Ads.

1) Cart abandoners


A 2018 study by Baymard shows that 69% of all e-commerce shoppers abandon their shopping cart. This is a highly interesting group to keep track of and something you definitely should create an audience list for. When they start searching for your products again - you need to have a re-marketing tag on them to make sure that they have seen an ad and remember to make another visit to your site.

2) Past buyers


For most e-commerce businesses this is the most important buyer to consider. These are the ones that have bought something from you before and are likely to return. For retail stores selling affordable sports products, past buyers are extremely important. A customer involved in weight training will most likely be interested in products like protein powder and sports nutrition and will buy these continuously. But if you are running a business with very exclusive, expensive products then you won’t have the same success in past buyers. If you are selling luxurious cars, it isn’t likely that a recent customer will come back to buy a new one in the short future, right?That's a one-time purchase, so you have to define your goals.

3) Top ten products


Before you can make an audience list for the top products in your assortment, you obviously need to know what they are. Creating an audience list for your ten best-performing products can help you stay on top of your Google Ads game.  Continue by analyzing how sales have been going during the year and take into account how much you’ve spent on Google Ads for each category, brand, and product. 


Other great audience lists in Google Ads


The three pointers mentioned audience lists as the ones we feel are most valuable, but there are obviously numerous ways to go when creating audience lists. Another great option is creating a top category. Say you have invested a lot in a new kind of sneaker and this is a product category you really want to grow in, then buying more traffic into this category will increase purchases. Another way to go is by creating VIP lists by figuring out which the most valuable customers are and find out what they like.

At Keywordio we work with metrics every day, and we help you to sort out who your most valuable customers are and how you should target them. We look at metrics as if they’ve spent more than two minutes on your site and/or visited more than five pages. When we’ve sorted out who they are we can bid up aggressively whenever they’re searching for your products again. Get in touch with us here.

Figure what your most valuable products are to target them for your most valuable customers, learn more: Optimize sales in Google Ads with your most valuable product.



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