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Latest Instagram Updates! [July 2022]
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Latest Instagram Updates! [July 2022]

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We’re thrilled to learn about the new features being rolled out by Instagram and we think they’re going to be a game changer for marketers and creators. These much-awaited updates were finally announced on 21 July by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, on various social media platforms. Keep reading to know all about the updates.


One Video Format

Reels is set to become the only video format on Instagram. This update is expected to make Instagram easier to use according to Adam Mosseri who stated, “We want to make Instagram simple and easy to use, and so all videos going forward on Instagram are going to be Reels.”  This means that you will get access to a lot of cool features from Reels that you didn't have in other video formats.


2-3 (1)

Reels Templates

Another cool update is the one that will encourage more people to create Reels. This one is called Templates. You can now create a Reel from a pre-existing structure (filter/music) of any Reel that you like. To create a Reel from a template, go to the “Reels” tab and tap on “Camera”, at the bottom you will see a “Templates” option which will show you a bunch of Reel ideas that you can use for inspiration. This will allow you to quickly create an original Reel with the help of a template that resonates with you. 


Remix Reels FormatsRemix Reels Features: Picture-in-picture, green screen, and top-bottom format

Remix Reels Got Way Cooler

Instagram has finally updated the coolest Reel feature - Remix Reels. Now you can create Remix Reels from photos too! This opens up a ton of doors for marketers where they can review their products or have an influencer do it for them. This will bring in the traffic to you directly from the influencer’s Remix Reel. Isn’t that awesome?

That’s not all, Instagram has improved Remix Reels by introducing new formats like picture-in-picture, green screen, and top-bottom format instead of left-right. You also get to decide whether you want to add your remixed video at the end of the original video or run it beside the original video.


5-3 (1)

Record Reels With Dual Cameras

You heard that right! Instagram users will now be able to record Reels with rear and front cameras at the same time! This update brings the ability to take advantage of both the cameras of your phone will save time that would otherwise be spent on editing videos. This much-awaited update has been in the pipeline for a while now and Instagram users sound super-excited to use it.



These updates are breaking the internet already and marketers are ready to set new trends with Instagram Reels. If you own or work at a brand where you’d like to reach more people on Instagram, now is your chance to get creative with Instagram Reels. It’s key for brand awareness and will hugely boost your online presence.

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