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Take great care of your customers or face extinction
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Morten Barkfeld

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Take great care of your customers or face extinction

Digital Agency | 6 minutes

The absolute best companies online are the ones that take excellent care of their customers!

I’ve worked with over 500 clients in the past 8 years both at Google but also with two different agencies. I’ve worked with best-in-class technology, best-in-class marketeers and although it helps - it means very little if the company does not take care of its clients.

If they do, everything else becomes much easier. Why you may ask?

Google Ads is (right now) essential for any e-commerce company. The simple reason is that it is the best way to find new customers. Basically you “buy” in new customers by getting clicks to your website from searches from Google.

If you take excellent care of your customers your conversion rate will go up. Simple as that. Customers reviews your website (and your competitors) before buying your products and imagine the conversion rates of a company with a 5 star review vs a 3 star review? The 5 star review may only need 10 clicks to get one customer whereas the 3 star review company will need 10 times that. Click prices stay the same for both companies so the 5 star company can afford to buy in more traffic. It is 10x more profitable on getting in new customers.


Will AI and Machine Learning help?

Of course it will, but it cannot fix a 3 star review. It cannot make your customers happy. You need to do that and if you do, then AI and Machine Learning can add on to what is already great. If not, it can only improve on poor performance.

I would argue that a regular Google Ads “expert” can do much better with manual work for a 5 star company vs what AI and Machine Learning can do for an average 3 star company.

This does not mean that the 3 star company shouldn’t apply AI and Machine Learning - it just mean that they should also improve their rating drastically and not expect AI and Machine Learning to fix what it cannot fix.

Treat your customers well and you will benefit in all areas of your business.

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