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This 2022 Instagram Feature Will Help You Declutter Your Feed
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Faraz Haider

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This 2022 Instagram Feature Will Help You Declutter Your Feed

Social Media | 5 minutes

If you’re active on social media platforms, chances are that you spend some time of your day on one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram. This means you’ve mindlessly scrolled through countless posts that you care little about in your cluttered Instagram feed. This photo-sharing app’s upcoming feature is aimed at decluttering your feed and prioritising the accounts you care about more.


Manage your feed better

Instagram has consistently tried to spin its algorithm to keep your feed relevant. We’ve come a long way since then. With this new feature reportedly being tested out, the accounts that users are following will have lower priority in their feed as compared to the ones set to favourites. This interesting feature will be another step towards managing the feed and making it more relevant.

Manage favourites


How will it affect the audience?

This subtle feature will undoubtedly boost the user experience. By having a more relevant feed, users will enjoy their time scrolling through their feed and spend even more time on the app.

Worried if this will make targeting the audience difficult? There’s good news for online stores, this won’t affect how you target your audience or where your ads are shown. If you’ve optimized your ads right, they will be shown at the right place and more importantly, at the right time.


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Instagram is testing out a new feature to streamline your feed by letting you pick your favourite accounts to prioritize and show posts from them higher up in your feed. This will make your feed more relevant than ever.


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