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Take Your TikTok Ads to the Next Level
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Take Your TikTok Ads to the Next Level

TikTok Ads | 10 min

To look into the future, let us peep into the past once. TikTok was once loaded with content focused on dancing and lip-syncing videos inclined more towards an uprising for polished platforms and enabling easy access and non-positionality of content largely consisting of short videos.

TikTok Ads


We all know how hard the 2020 pandemic hit us! During this time there was an "expression explosion"!

The lockdown got us all overwhelmed and we found ways to vent ourselves out through media and entertainment. That's when TikTok got its hands on explorative content covering a broader array of subjects while keeping the focus on music.


The viral videos on TikTok changed a lot of things and made TikTok a platform that drove actions in everybody's daily life. 2021, took a twirl and saw a rise in educational and matured content as TikTok allowed longer videos giving way to newer topics to grow.

The legendary social media platform is at a stage where if you search for a topic, you will definitely find a whole community that already belongs there! 


was the year when TikTok became a cultural engine that could bring a culture onto the platform and take it off as well. A platform that leans into niche communities and elevates subcultures to become mainstream and allows everyone for equal and active participation. This is what is known as a cultural community.

2023: A New Era of Community Intention

This year detects a change in the mindset of people coming to TikTok. Being an entertainment platform TikTok is now on the road to being a search engine too. Users have an intention.

If one plans a trip, he will use TikTok to find restaurants or hotels that come along with honest reviews. Therefore, a user opens the app to research products, brands, etc. 


A man working with his laptop and smartphone in the frame


2023 TikTok Trends


∞ Actionable Entertainment 

Create ad campaigns that encourage the community to join in with you. Consider giving out a video challenge where people shoot videos of themselves and post them online. This is the way to spark new ideas and drive mass awareness, and user engagement. 

∞ Making Space For Joy

90% of audiences feel joyful and connected after spending time on TikTok.  Creating content that is colourful and vibrant gives joy. 

∞ Community Built Ideas

A community that builds an idea around a specific product can bring a stir to the business of the company.  70% of users think TikTok communities can create culture change. 


2023 TikTok Product Updates

The social media platform has come up with some important product updates from the upper to mid to lower funnel

If you want to be discovered Top Feed is our newest placement
To maximize engagement We have an optimization called "Focused View"
To drive Action We are launching a commercial feature- "Video Shopping Ads"


How To Analyze Your TikToks?

Let us directly hop onto the tool to understand the analytics of a TikTok video. Here's a snippet of the analytics tool to understand things better.


TikTok Analytics

The TikTok Ads Manager allows you to analyze your data by filtering it based on Clicks and CTRs', conversions, CVR,  drop-off, etc.

It also has an audience breakdown prepared for you in the form of pie charts. They consider the audience's age, gender, location, and device.


Creative Best Practices

TikTok is the leading destination for entertainment, which is full of humanized, commercial, musical, and joyful content.  

TikTok Stats


Let us Look at Some Important Creative Practices


1. Minimum 3-5 Videos per Ad Group- 

Making 3-5 videos per ad group allows you to find out the best performer video.

2. Split Test

You can test a single video ad on different formats like testing it on spark ads or in feed ads. You can also consider testing the ad with endless possibilities like using different sounds, CTAs text overlays, etc. 

3. When to refresh the content?

This is a frequently asked question. One must know when his/her content needs to be refreshed/ changed. 

You must notice the following:

  • CTR/ CVR drops by 50%
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) doubles up
  • The video frequency is too high. 

4. Video Gallery

Video Gallery Instant Page is a new feature that elevates your instant page giving it a branded look. 


Video Gallery


Tips for Content Creation

Some free content creation tools will help you create your ads real quick and that too for free!

CapCut is highly recommended as it is also connected to TikTok. Some others like Adobe program and GoPro have different video editing tools to use.


Content Creation platforms


Another way to find good trends and inspiration for your content is visit to the Creative Center!

Here you can fetch the Top 10 trending songs, hashtags, creators, and TikTok videos. You can search for anything that is trending according to your business, country, etc. before you post anything. 


Creative Center


The most important thing to keep in mind is the placement of text, images videos, and other elements in your ad. Click here to learn more about TikTok ads, their types, and their formats.


Best Practices to  Start Scaling Your Ad Account

Having a pixel on your website is a must to track user behaviour, site conversions, web traffic, and many other metrics. If you have the events API together for better performance, this will work as a bonus.

Make sure you have one pixel per website to avoid double tracking and turn on Advanced Matching to fetch more data.

We have a detailed discourse on the process of how to improve signal quality with Pixel and Events API, Tracking on Point, and Start-up Phase. 


How to accelerate performance through multiple optimization goals?

If you run a web conversion campaign with limited campaign signals, use the upper-funnel event (eg. View Content) campaign to start off. 
After a while, set up a next-phased campaign optimizing for mid-funnel events (for example, Add-to-Cart).

And then move on to a 3rd-phase campaign optimizing for deep-funnel events (eg. Complete Payment).

Full funnel



Set Your Budget

Most people ask how to go about setting a budget. TikTok is a branding platform but when it comes to CPM (Cost Per Mile) it is quite lower compared to other platforms.

However, when we talk about performance, the expenditure is a little more. We recommend a minimum of $288 a day for a performance marketing campaign.  

And It's Testing Time!

You can test your ads on various parameters like:

  • Automatics VS Broad Targeting
  • General Interest VS Purchase Intent
  • In-Feed vs Spark Ads
  • Product Sale VS Conversion Ads
  • Highest Value VS Minimum ROAS



TikTok has become an increasingly popular platform for advertisers to reach their target audience. Utilizing features like TikTok's algorithm, soundtracks, and influencers can also help you reach a wider audience and drive better results. By incorporating these strategies into your TikTok advertising strategy, you can maximize the potential of this powerful platform and take your brand to new heights.

Still have a doubt? Book a free slot with us today! We will help our clients in every possible way to better their e-commerce game.

Also, we have a webinar that discusses in detail whatever you've gained in this blog. 

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