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5 Simple Ways to Drive Engagement on Facebook
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5 Simple Ways to Drive Engagement on Facebook

Facebook Ads | 5 minutes

Wondering what’s the big secret to getting more engagement on Facebook? It can be tricky to figure out the intricacies of the “algorithm” and everything that goes into promoting your business on the world’s most popular social media platform. But it is very easy to get out of that tricky spot and learn how Facebook actually works. I’m going to list 5 tried and tested ways to get the engagement on your Facebook posts going. Let’s get straight to it.



Create catchy creatives

Well, before anything, your posts need to grab the attention of your audience. Your creatives are the first thing your audience will see and nobody would like to read a post that has a badly made creative associated with it. A catchy creative for your post can give your audience a reason to stop the endless scrolling and check out your post. Once you’re able to do that, you can start thinking about the rest of the ways to get engagement on your posts. No matter how good your copy is, it is an eye-catching creative that will hook your audience to read what the post is about. I’d highly recommend you to spend time creating good looking creatives. Here is an example of a creature that is highly likely to engage the audience. A good rule of thumb is to keep the creative neat and minimal so that your audience isn't overwhelmed.

Example of an engaging creative


If you’re on a tight budget, try using websites like Canva or Pixelied. They’re easy to use and with some practice, you can create decent designs. However, if you feel that your art is too ahead of its time, consider hiring a graphic designer. Trust me, a professional will nail the graphic aspect of your brand, sky-rocketing your engagement. One less thing to worry about, right? You can also hire a freelance graphic designer if you don’t want a long-time commitment.


Keep posts brief

The next time you think of outdoing yourself in terms of word limit, think again! In today’s social media landscape, less is more. Most people these days have a short attention span. To hook your audience, you need to make sure to not make them feel overwhelmed when they see your post. If your post is filled with too much information, it could steer your audience away from it just because not everyone is ready to spend a lot of time reading. That’s the reason it’s a general rule of thumb to keep your posts as brief as you can.


Know your target audience

Facebook is a dynamic social media platform that has 1.785 billion people logging in every day. At a place that gets so busy, it’s crucial to know your target audience. It is easy to target an audience that isn’t relevant to your business and is unlikely to convert.

I’d suggest you do your research. Learn more about your current audience to understand if you’re targeting the right audience. Having an irrelevant audience is a tell-tale sign that you need to tweak your target audience. Dig deeper into learning about the posts that have received the most engagement. Identify the content that resonates with your current audience. Check the demographics of your audience and match them with your desired demographic. These are a few great ways you can identify your audience.


Use hashtags


A hashtag is a metadata tag written with the symbol hash (#). It connects a topic to a topic or a theme. Adding a hashtag to your post puts your post under the umbrella of the topic you choose to use the hashtag for. This makes your post easily discoverable. It can be a great way to boost your reach organically. For example, if you plan on posting a marketing tip, you can use hashtags like #marketingtips #businessgrowth #digitalmarketing for better reach.


Game-changer: Facebook Ads

Last but not the least, Facebook Ads! Organic posts are great but if you depend 100% on them, especially when your business in the initial stage, the slow-paced growth can quickly get frustrating. it will be as exciting as watching paint dry. You can try the above methods to get more engagement organically but nothing cuts through the noise like a post that’s pushed through Facebook Ads.

That being said, if you feel that getting yourself to wrap your head around the concept of Facebook Ads sounds daunting, you might want to look into online courses that can help you start the exciting journey of online marketing. We have a free online course just for you called Facebook Ads for eCommerce where you can understand how you can use Facebook Ads to grow your webshop. Register now to get free access to:

  • Presentation and video
  • Keywordio’s Facebook Ads budget calculator
  • Free growth plan for your business

Need expert advice? We’re here to help. Schedule a free appointment with us now, let’s take a look at ways to grow your business, cheers!



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