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Preparation to Launch A New Agency Collaboration
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Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson

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Preparation to Launch A New Agency Collaboration

Digital Agency | 8 minutes

At Keywordio we hear many clients say that they usually don't know what to prepare for a launch meeting with an agency. What should they tell the agency and what should they ask?

At Keywordio we are interested in understanding and getting to know a client as much as possible , this is because the more we know the better we can make decisions and build instructions in our software. As an agency that works by a model of - performance based remuneration, it is extremely important for us that our clients are as true with us as possible. The points below are typically things we ask our clients to think about and prepare before engaging in any collaboration with us. They are asked to prepare answers for the launch meeting so that we can get as good of a picture of them and their business as possible.

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Introduction & Background: What makes your e-commerce so  unique? Who are you’re most important customers, how does the demographics look like? Are these the customers you actually want? Why do they buy from you? What are the most often complaints? How are you planning to take action on these?

  • What is your short term strategy 3-6 months from now?
  • What is your long-term strategy?
  • What are the main software or platform changes in the pipeline?

Profitability: Please disclose your business history and current situation. What is the return on investment required in order for you to be profitable? What gross margin do you have on products? Are there seasonal effects on your business? Are there any plans on increasing profitability in the company or is the focus on growth?

Budget: What is the maximum you are ready to spend on Google Ads/Shopping? If we have the right ROAS of your wish are we allowed to push forward? How do you value your brand vs. non brand traffic? Compared to other channels in Digital how big of a channel is this one percentage wise? Are you planning to increase or decrease that?

Marketing: What is your overall campaign plan for the year? How many and what are the products brands your are planning to launch with large focus on? When are you planning to have seasonal offers? How have they worked out in the past?

Collaboration: How tight collaboration and communication are you expecting? Would you prefer to have one contact person or several? What support level are you expecting during weekend and after work hours?

In conclusion any serious agency will cover these and more points with you during a launch meeting. Make sure that you are as open and honest with the agency as possible regarding your previous experience with Google Ads as this can only enhance the collaboration by setting the right expectations.

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