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5 Facts About India’s eCommerce Market
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Faraz Haider

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5 Facts About India’s eCommerce Market

eCommerce | 5 minutes

We all know that India is a densely populated country, 1.39 billion to be precise, known for its monuments, rich culture and oh, so spicy food. But this article isn’t about that kind of special.

Today, we’ll state 5 facts you didn’t know that makes India’s eCommerce market special for your business - unless you’ve already read our case study on Indian eCommerce.

Don't worry if you haven't, by the end of this article you will have a reason to grab it for free! Let’s jump straight in.


50% of Indians are below 25 years old

You read that right, half of the 1.39 billion population in India is below the age of 25! What’s even more surprising is that 65% of the population is below 35. This is why India has such a huge demand for electronics like smartphones, laptops and PCs. That being said, the older population contribute to the demand as well but it’s relatively lesser.

What does this mean for your business? It means that now is a great opportunity to enter the market that has such a young audience and set up an online store in the niche that best suits you.


The average internet user in India spends over 3 hours on social media every day

Scrolling on social media (1)

With half of the population being around 25 years old, it’s no wonder that the social media scene in India is thriving. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all those big social media apps have a huge influx of logins from India which makes social media a great tool to reach the masses effectively. Brands based in India have identified this potential of social media in the context of India and are often seen posting eye-catching updates with creative hashtags which works to their advantage when their post goes viral.

Having a market with a consumer base that stays up-to-date with events and trends through social media is great for business. It allows you to target your ideal audience and get your brand noticed. Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads and TikTok Ads are some of the major online advertising platforms that you need your ads to reach to start getting results. With the right approach, you can surely make the most of online advertising on social media.

You can check out our free online courses where you can learn from experts in the field. Apart from the basics, you’ll learn the best practices to follow in order to become a successful business.


The electronics and media segment grew by 32.1% in 2020

Media dominates our world today, while electronic gadgets and gizmos have made it seem like it’s spinning faster on its axis. A lot is going on in the world of electronics and everyone is trying to catch up with the latest technology. While tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung keep rocking the market with their tech breakthroughs in products like mobiles, laptops and televisions, consumers queue themselves to pre-order the next best product in the market.

So it won’t come as a surprise that people have put a substantial amount of their earnings into this sector of eCommerce. To put it precisely - $14.85 billion! And it’s only increasing. In 2020, Electronics and Media saw an assuring rise of 32.1%. People are going gaga about the latest trends in the market, which promise to run errands quickly as lightning, allowing people to save their precious time.

This is a sign of assurance for online businesses because the eCommerce market is a reflection of the Electronics & Media segment. As long as this part of eCommerce is in good shape, one can expect eCommerce to grow.


India is the 3rd Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Smartphone Manufacturing Plant in India

India has been manufacturing smartphones at a very fast pace. Interestingly, the country accounted for 16% of total mobile phone shipments, making it one of the top 3 smartphone markets globally after China and America. A recent survey also found that mobile phones are the most popular product in India, contributing 31% of total revenue in 2020. These facts only highlight the demand for smartphones and how big the market is which can make it ideal for your business if that’s your niche.


A quarter of online consumers spend 11% of their monthly salary on online shopping

In the past few years, we’ve seen how the eCommerce landscape of India has transformed. Online shopping has evolved into a way of shopping that’s far more convenient than traditional ways which instantly makes it more popular. The demand for online goods is huge and increasing, if you’re an online business, entrepreneur or have a webshop/online store and want to grow your business, India is the perfect eCommerce market for your online business and the best part is that you don't need a lot of experience to get into the market.

You can learn more in our detailed case study developed by the AdHelp.io research team. Grab our case study for FREE: Indian eCommerce: A Goldmine for Your Webshop.


Have a question? Feel free to set up a FREE call with one of our experts, let's talk.


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