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Top 5 free online course for Google ads and Ecommerce with new Google Skillshop

Google Ads | 16 Min

Here is our top 5 sources for continuous learning within Digital Marketing and Google ads. Youtube, Blog, Online, Apps or pod.

At Keywordio we work really hard to learn fast and share our insights. Digital marketing and Google ads is a fast pace environment and you can always learn something new that’s why we combine webinars, events and written content to share insights the way that suits your taste. For myself, I have set the morning routine to start every day reading one article and on Fridays I have blocked 2h in my schedule for deep learning. This is one of my favorite moments in the week where I can deep dive into a subject, run an interesting tutorial and reflect on how to apply that it in our current projects.

Here is our top 5 sources for continuous learning within Digital Marketing and Google ads. Youtube, Blog, Online, Apps or pod.

Google Skillshop (former Academy for ads), Google own platform for online courses

 - Competence level: Full range from beginner to advanced level of experience
 - Time: Full range from bite size up long courses with certification test
 - Format: Online , combination of written, video and engaging quizzes

Google Skillshop (former Academy for ads)

Top course that we recommend for Google ads and Google Shopping on Skillshop:

Google Ads Search Certification


Google Ads Search Certification covers basic and intermediate concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing search ad campaigns across the Search Network.

Time: 9h Competence level: Beginner

Google Ads Fundamentals


Google Ads Fundamentals covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and Google Ads, and best practices for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

Time: 3.7h Competence Level: Beginner

Google Shopping Certification


Google Shopping Certification covers basic and intermediate concepts, including creating a Merchant Center account and product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

Time: 7.3h Competence Level: Beginner

Optimize performance in Campaign Manager


Optimization means using performance data to find what gets results and doing more of it. This training shows you how to optimize with DoubleClick Campaign Manager. Take the courses, pass the Assessment and earn an Achievement to display on your profile.

Time: 49 min Competence level: Intermediate

Primer App, Google own app for bite size learnings
- Competence level: Beginner to mid level of experience
- Time: Short
- Format: App based course for iOS and Android


Find Valuable Insights in Peoples Online searches

Understand and read more the just what people search for. Understanding intent and use that will make a big impact and generate new ideas for your online marketing.

- Competence Level: Beginner
- Time Short

Cloud for Marketing, Google cloud

End2end DEMO on Youtube for using Big Query

In this session, you'll learn how to use Google Cloud technology to: 1) test a hypothesis for how to drive profitability for your business; 2) identify an actionable plan firmly rooted in data and Machine Learning driven insights; and 3) execute on it in the form of a personalized marketing campaign.

Time: 72 min Competence level: Advanced

Scaling Interactive and Insightful Dashboards with Data Studio and BigQuery

Google data studio and visualization of Big Query

Large datasets in BigQuery might make it cost prohibitive to scale dashboard solutions. Unless carefully designed, solutions can lead to queries piling up with repeated viewing and result in significant costs in BigQuery. Google Data Studio lets users build interactive shareable data visualizations using their BigQuery data. In this session, we will show the common failure points and how you can build scalable, interactive, insightful dashboards in Data Studio from BigQuery data.

Time: 35 min Competence level: Advanced

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